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We will make your fire damage restoration project go as smoothly as possible.

In many cases, a fire at a residence involves damage to both the interior and the exterior. If you want to have a seamless fire damage restoration experience, you need a contractor who is proficient with working with your insurance company and handling all facets of the restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration in Durham, North Carolina

At Accurate Renovation, we offer restoration services for a variety of disaster situations, including flood damage, storm damage, and fire damage. With more than 30 years of experience, we take care of everything inside and out to get your home back to normal and inhabitable again.

We know that a fire can represent a bite to the wallet, but we’ll do our best to keep your out-of-pocket costs limited to your insurance deductible. We’ll walk you through the insurance process and file your claim for you so that the insurance company is well-apprised of what it will take to restore your home. In the event you are not insured, we will go over financing options so you can move forward with fire damage restoration.

We have the expertise to adhere to strict safety protocols, get the job done quickly, and help you salvage as much as possible. We know this is a difficult and emotional time, so our team will always show you the utmost patience and compassion. Our goal is to restore your home so you would never know it had been damaged by fire. We do not want you to have any residual reminders that would keep you from enjoying your home.

Reach out today to learn more about our fire damage restoration services for your Durham, North Carolina home.

At Accurate Renovation, we offer fire damage restoration services for customers in Durham, Raleigh, and Rocky Mount, North Carolina.