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Home Renovations to Make your Place More Eco-FriendlyMaking a home more eco-friendly is not only great for the planet but also a homeowner’s budget! There are a number of great things a homeowner can do to make his or her home more eco-friendly.

We have listed the top five below:

  1. Replace standard appliances with energy-efficient appliances: Standard appliances can be using more energy than homeowners may think. Replacing these appliances can help to reduce energy in the long run.
  2. Use solar technology: Although solar technology can be a significant upfront investment, it can help save money on energy bills and reduce energy usage significantly over time. There are often incentives for making a switch to solar technology, as well.
  3. Replace light bulbs: LED light bulbs can help in reducing energy and energy costs. These bulbs can last longer than average incandescent bulbs, so there is also less maintenance involved.
  4. Update the bathroomReducing the water flow in the house by replacing the toilet with a low flow toilet and an energy-conscious showerhead, can help significantly in making a home more eco-friendly. Standard toilets and showerheads use much more water than one might think and making the switch can drastically reduce this waste of water and energy.
  5. Take advantage of advanced power strips: Energy can be used in notable quantities from idle electronics like phone chargers and televisions, so utilizing an advanced power strip can help homeowners reduce the amount of idle energy that is being used in the home.

Although each of these items alone can help make a home more eco-friendly, using a combination of some or all can drastically change a home’s energy consumption, which can often be seen by a lowered energy bill. Interested in making your home more eco-friendly? We are ready to help! Contact us today for an estimate.