What Your Roof Estimate Should Include [infographic]

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If you’re a new homeowner, or it’s your first time replacing a roof, you may not know what a roof estimate should include. So, how do you know you are getting everything you need? First, make sure you get an estimate from more than one contractor. This will give you a chance to compare and make a well-informed decision.

What Your Roof Estimate Should Include

The roof estimate is a written quote of everything your contractor will do for you, with a final cost. However, how each contractor writes up their estimate can be different. Some may use email estimates, while others will use a handwritten template. Despite the difference in format, a roof estimate should include the following:

  • A list of materials
  • Removal and cleanup plans
  • Any necessary permits
  • Insurance and license information
  • A summary of the project details

The project details should cover what your contractor is responsible for and their estimated delivery times. It should also list the start date and time for the job and the completion date. The most important part is the overall cost and your payment terms. You also want to make sure you have documentation on a warranty for the materials used as well as the warranty the company offers on labor.

What Your Roof Estimate Should Include

The materials list should be fairly comprehensive. It will list the exact materials you are using down to the type, line, and color of the shingles, metal, or other roofing products. The same should go for the underlayment. The brand and product line should be listed on the roof estimate. It should also list the flashing and ventilation materials. Many companies will put an expiration date on the quote, giving you a set time frame to decide. We at Accurate Renovation would be happy to give you an estimate for your roof project.